Friend in NASTY divorce ... Hard to sit and watch...

I have a friend that separated from her husband a month ago and over the last week has had some pretty crappy family get involved and it's gotten ugly.. The kids are safe at her sisters but as much as I want to be there for her, the choices she thinks she's going to make and the way she wants to get what she can from him, is really hard to watch and listen too..

I want to be supportive, but I see how so much is out of anger and she's irrational right now.. Even when I was really angry in my divorce I never want to ruin him.. or my kids.. or our old life or home together...

I'm hoping she will calm down.. and stay focused on what's easy and right and that this anger passes quickly or she can lasso it so that it's not destructive... But she's not ready to hear my thoughts on it all.. she needs to vent and be angry, but I can't listen anymore...

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