How young should girls shave their legs?

My good friends daughter is almost 9.. and has really hairy legs.. to the point where my kids asked me what was wrong with them.. I wondered if my friend even noticed as you don't always see things in your own kids and if that it were MY kid.. would I care? would I do something?

I think I would.. I think I wouldn't introduce shaving, but maybe some Nair to help it out a bit.. and not for vanity but more for protection from other kids noting and making fun... She's at that age, right??

    I have the same situation with my youngest.She will be 9 in November and has super hairy legs. She has been getting picked on pretty bad for the past couple years. It got to the point one time I think last summer I tried nair, but it didn't work very well. And she said it burnt some I think cause of being so young she has a lot of boo boos. So I ended up shaving them with an electric razor. But it ended up being to much work for her age and with all the boo boos it was even harder..I feel so bad for her. I just want to make it all better where she won't be picked on. Of course it's been grown back now for a long time..I can't wait till she gets older so she can shave and feel confident about her legs..
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