What Should You Expect for After School Care in older kids???

My kids go to after school care now... my daughter is in 1st and they seem to have fun and play outside, but the older kids, my 4th grader.. they are all supposed to do their homework before they can go out but each time after 2 plus hours in the care that I have picked him up from inside the library each day, just messing around..

I actually don't mind if he's messing around as long as he's happy, but I feel the older kids are left to just play on the computers inside and not engaged in a card game or something else...

Anyone with older kids in care? I pay a decent amount but it's not the highest amount out there.. but I feel it's enough that they should at least get to go outside right????

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    Our school is public and big. The grades are separated and should be... I have no problem with that.. I don't have a problem with my son needing to finish his homework first as well.. But 2 plus hours after school in the library? For me to PAY them? I feel like I'm paying them to do nothing.. he can hang out for two hours on his own, but I needed to know he was safe and someone was responsible for him so that I felt better and could stay focused in work.. I would feel stressed if I knew he was just hanging on the playground until I got there..

    They're telling him what to do, because I'm paying them to do so.. lol.. But it just seems that he's not getting the "fun" part of child care.. I really want him to play too AND get homework done..
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    Totally.. Unfortunately, he's held back because the other kids in his groups parents have asked for their homework to be done... where as I haven't.. I like to do it with him when I'm home, but then again, I'm home by 5 and some parents aren't until 7...

    We are new at this.. so we are figuring it out.. It's so important to me that they are safe... but also liking life and not hating it.. but there's soothing to be said for kids having to just deal while they have to.. I try to get there before 4... so it's really just under 2 hours..

    I think he's spoiled.. I think he's 9 and has never had to go to after school care and it's new to him.. and a lot the kids in there have been there for years and just know it to be that..

    I think I''ll have him bring his book and sketch or read or play his card games...

    Work in progress.. Ugh.. lol.. THE GUILT!!
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