plans for this cold day?

it's 11 degrees with a feels like temp of 0, so my plans are to stay inside. Being a pinterest addict I'm feeling pretty crafty, but that all comes at a price...everything I want to make, I don't have. So I'm off to venture the cold! Wish me luck!

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      last night was horribly windy!!! I went to walmart with Jessika Wilcox and we needless to say spent 2 hours in there, not only shopping but her daughter fell asleep, so of course we didn't want to wake her! haha.
      As far as my crafts they include a Camera Strap Cover, and cookies, cupcakes and chocolate covered pretzels and strawberries! haha I'm planning on making baby blankets and burp cloths for my other friends that are having babies as well :)
      I cannot get enough of pinterest!! I might need an intervention!
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