House Ideas

So we think we have decided to build a home where we are moving, so of course i went straight to pinterest for ideas. My mind is running wild, ive got soo many great ideas, I only wish I could afford them all! So that got me thinking what would you ladies want in a home.

Give me
1- a practical thing you wish you had in your home now.
2- something totally over the top that if money were no object you would put in your dream house.

    My OWN bathroom would be nice... that normally would be the practical thing, but we are in a two bedroom apartment with ONE... ugh...

    I would have a walk in closet/bathroom combo... With a vanity, shower and big closet, not because i have so many clothes, but to be able to stand IN one and see everything would be nice...

    An Office... A space all mine for work..

    OH and for the kitchen I want that big middle block in the middle of the kitchen.. where people could sit on stools on each side and also I can chop there.. etc..

      Ooo great post question and how exciting for you guys!!!

      Let's see...

      1 - I wish I had laundry on the floor where ALL our bedrooms are! It would be SO much easier and probably help us not fall behind from time to time.. I also wish I had one bigger main closet for the vacuum... it only fits in the bigger bedroom closets easily.. so I wish I had somewhere for that :)

      2 - Oh goshhh... perhaps an indoor pool and barre studio area! hehe
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