What being a mom means to me…

Wow! In a few months I will have officially been a mom for 10 years. Almost 10 years ago I got a positive pregnancy test and my life changed forever. Now, I am the mother to four amazing children. Being a mom has been the most challenging and rewarding job in the world.

Finding out I was going to be a mom was scary. How will I know what to do? Will I be a good mom? What is best for my child?

In the beginning being a mom meant eating healthy, seeing my doctor on a regular basis and reading about how to care for my baby. When my first baby was born being a mom was rocking him through long hard nights, making sure he was getting enough to eat, and now it is letting him walk to the bus for school. Over the years I have learning being a good mom isn’t about whether you breastfeed or formula feed, vaccinate or not, have a messy house or a clean one. Being a mom is about kissing the boo boo’s, putting my children to bed, and making sure my children know they are loved.

My job as a mom is to love, nurture, educate and discipline my children. It is my job to help my children grow into honest, loving, and successful members of society. Being a mom means letting my children fail and make their own mistakes while guiding them towards the right choices. It is my job to show my children the good in the world and help them to navigate through the bad.

As my life has changed and my children have grown so does what being a mom means to me. I am still just starting out on my journey to being a mom and I have so much more to learn ahead. I look forward to my children completing school, getting a job and having a family of their own someday but for now I will continue cherish every milestone, every kiss, and every “I love you” as I watch in amazement and sorrow as my children grow.

What does being a mom mean to you?

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    That was beautiful. Well said. Being a mother to me means teaching my kids what I wish were taught to me. Talking to my kids about things that were not said to me. Showing them what was not shown to me. I grew up seeing things that no teen or child should ever see. I vowed that my kids would not be around the negative environment that I grew up in. But sometimes I stop and think that growing up in a rough area was what made me the type of person I am today. I had to learn many things from being around my friends' mothers instead of my own. My father was never really around and I knew that I would not want that for my children. My kids are healthy, happy and know right from wrong. I'm sure that my daughter will make mistakes as she get out into the world and when she does I will be here to hold her in my arms and tell how much I love her and that no matter what, I will always be here for her to show her the way. My 5 yr old still needs me to cross the street so I have some time before the major mistakes happen. My 22 yr old is a homebody, who loves his video games. But he knows that although he does not live with me that I will always be here for him and that I will always worry about him no matter how old he gets.
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