fever of 104 in toddler

Fever ​in toddler means his/her body is fighting off an infection. Means their immune system is working very well. Very high fever doesn't mean your toddler is very sick, but it's not ok to ignore it.

I was asked if parents should lower child's temperature every time. It depends how high is their fever. In some cases lowering a fever can harm your child's recovery process and prolong the illness. I always lower my son's fever if its 102 and higher.

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    Amanda Hurley
    I start lowering at 101. I have had critism for not giving my children tylenol as soon as a fever arises, say at 99. I agree that it is the body's natural reaction to fight infection.
      8Theresa Gould
      I never thought of timing of when to start lowering their temperature, makes sense. Thanks for sharing.

      We usually first see signs of a fever in our children when they are hot and feverish, laying around, saying they don't feel good or little ones will sleep more. At those signals we start trying to reduce the fever and fight the infection, whatever it may be.
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