last name for your baby

choosing a last name for our baby was very simple-he should get his dad's last name. We even did not discussed in our family. However, for some families it could be a tough topic to discuss.
‚ÄčIn some families, when mommy and daddy have different last names, usually baby gets his dad's last name or hyphenated(combined) last name.

What do you think, ladies, how important are last names?

Moms Expertise
    Amanda Hurley
    My oldest daughter has my maiden name, because her dad is not in the picture. My other children all got my husbands name. We are talking about changing Jasmine's name so she feels like the rest of the family. It can also be a touchy topic with remarriages and step children.
    Amanda Hurley
    I do not have any legal issues right now. Because of child support, I cannot move more than 100 miles from my current location, but other than that I do not have any problems. There is no father listed on her birth certificate, so I think that helps.
      8Theresa Gould
      I took my husband's last name and so all our children have his last name too.
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