Well SEVERAL weeks (probably months by now) ago I posted that I had lent my binder of personal writings to my boss. Well about 4 weeks or so later he brought the binder back to me at work and told me that he liked my poetry better than my short stories. I told him that I hadn't written short stories since high school so they probably read as such. He told me which poem he liked the best. He said he liked it because it made him think the most. Here is a copy of that poem.

on a pag
e. noi
se In t
he ear
c t
o t
sp…………………i (/)

Just btw... doing a copy and paste from word does not maintain the formatting of the music note so the formatting isn't quite right but it is close enough to give the idea.

    ok... Hitting post completely removes the formatting of the poem. Sorry all. It didn't work like I had hoped.
      no problem I got it anyway! LOL! What kind of work do you do that your boss reads your poetry? Kinda neat!
      I work in a plastics factory. We take granulated plastic and make it into either something useful or decorative or sometimes what we make is a bit of both. I just randomly one day decided to give my binder of personal writings to my boss to see what he would do or say. I took a chance and it turned out okay.
      Teresa ~ Ah my husband used to do plastic injection molding... now he is at the same company but in a quality position! They make medical supplies!

      It was nice that your boss took the time to read your writing!
      The company I work for is a small ma and pa manufacturing facility in a small town. I think there is a total of like 30 or 40 employees.

      My boss can read through 3 or 4 books in one week. He is a reader. He did tell me that he doesn't generally read poetry but that it was a nice challenge and that he had forgotten about some of the different forms and rhyme schemes in poetry.
        It was really nice of him to read it ... I am a reader too... that is my norm on books... I can devour one a day if you let me!
        I like to read also but I am such a slow reader that it takes me forever to get through a book. It would help if I could actually sit still more than about 15 minutes at a time. It is impossible to read anything in a even close to remotely timely fashion when you only get one paragraph read at a time and you only get one page read a day at the very most and it could be days or weeks before I get a chance to sit and read again. The last time I had time to read was when I was a stay at home mom the first time. Once my oldest got mobile reading books went out the window. Now I read what I can when I can. I love to write but don't have much time for that either.
          No problem with being a slow reader... it is just good to read!
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