A Response To My Earlier Post 'I'm Not Ready'

We celebrate every moment we have with our kids. We've lost so many people over the years, including my kids 3 yr old cousin to a brain tumor. I also lost 3 pregnancies before having my daughter so I absolutely try to rejoice in every milestone and see every stage as an adventure. We are thrilled to start the next phase of her life, but it also means we need to pay attention even harder than we did before so we can soak up as much of this part of her childhood we have left, although it won't be easy to let go. She was my 1st baby after the 3 consecutive losses before. The doctors were starting to tell me I'd never have a full term pregnancy. She was my miracle. We love our kids hard. And sometimes it hurts. I'm just grateful that I recognize this time of her life for what it is so we can cherish it. I think all to often some parents get so caught up in the normal day to day grind that they don't realize changes are happening. They look back with wishes of shoulda coulda woulda's. Part of the goal for my new blog is to document as many moments as i can, the good and the bad. And later in life it will be there for my kids to go back to. Memories will be maintained through it. It's the start of a new journey all its own.

A Response To My Earlier Post 'I'm Not Ready'
    8Theresa Gould
    I am sorry for your losses, but what a wonderful perspective you have. Thank you for sharing. (I haven't caught up with your previous post yet.)
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