Teaching children to sew by hand

Most of our children have started with the lacing cards.

Then I started our older girls with buttons on scrap material and then they moved to sewing buttons on closing missing buttons.

We also used a couple of those cutesy beginner sewing kits.

Then we moved on to quilt blocks. I'd pin them together and use a ruler and pencil to draw the seam line, then I'd dot our the space between the stitches and proceed to show them how to follow it. We made a baby quilt for a new mom one year, I did stitch over the children's stitches to make the seam stronger but they could say they helped make it.

Our three older girls all know how to sew, in various stages. I think our older two are more advanced than our 13 year old at this point. Two of them are going to make historical costumes for an event we have coming up in March. :)

What are your ideas?

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
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    Amber Bradley
    I will probably teach Brynlee how to sew with a machine, but that is awesome! Way to go, im not sure i would have that kind of patience for hand sewing.
    8Theresa Gould
    Our girls sew by machine now, but initially I wanted them to know how to sew by hand first. Now I have to teach my boys and youngest daughter. The boys may know how to sew buttons, but it's been nearly 3 years since I sewed so I cannot even remember!
      I taught Emma using some flannel... Yarn and a large needle... cut the fabric into animal shapes (cat/dog) she then sewed and i stuffed the end result and stitched up... she had a finished product she was proud of!
        Kim... lacing cards work well too! We had those... but the girls wanted to graduate to "real" sewing so we did flannel instead!
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