uhh, thank god for Joshua after waking up and having Destiny to my self this morning for 3 hours I got a horrible migraine, he woke up and took her and I fell asleep around 1pm, and I just woke up, still have that migraine, gonna have to make this my only post for tonight the light makes me see double :(

    8Theresa Gould
    Sorry to hear you are battling a migraine. Our girls swear by Frankincense for migraines. Do you know what triggers yours? Menses? Food? Our older girls found what triggered theirs and tried to eliminate what triggers them other than menses.
      Hope you feel better soon. Excedrine migraine works wonders for me.
        i had a horrible headache the other day too... although it was from the novicane the dentist used when filling a cavity. i could not imagine a migrane those are awful! i know the headache I had made me sensitive to light too!
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