Potty Training.

I usually will deny sugary treats all day long, but when it came to Potty training Brynlee I had to give in a little. My husband Ashton actually came up with the idea! We started potty training at 13 months, it didn't go well the first few days so Ashton came up with the potty box. Each time Bryn went potty and washed her hands she was aloud to open the potty box on the counter. In the potty box contained one treat, not always candy! Sometimes a homemade cookie, a "coupon" to the ice cream parlor, a small toy, a trip to the dollar store, a new bow for her hair, fruit and occasionally a piece of candy. It sounds strange but she was soooo excited to get her prize that she learned within that month. She is now 23 months and hasn't had an accident in nearly 3 months! Completely potty trained for both day and night in 7 months, trust me the potty box is MAGIC!!

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    Amber Bradley
    It is certainly worth it and every kid loves small treats.
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