Missing School Debate.. Eeek!

So on FB.. it seems a WAR has been made lately.. about the whole teachers/kids making up school days if they go over their "calamity days".. which are 5 days that schools get here in Ohio before they have to start "making up" days at the end of the year.. Ohio's Governor is actually trying to get MORE calamity days for the kiddos and schools.. meaning that they wouldn't have to make up days.. Ah.. what a choice and so many opinions!

I am a bit torn.. obviously I do not have children in school.. but I also get a littlr urked by SOME teachers who I have seen complaining about the schools NEEDING to be closed, but then upset at the thought of MAKING UP days.. does that make any sense? I feel like they get plenty of time off.. a whole Summer.. and wouldn't it benefit the kiddos to get the full curriculum in..? Especially since this Winter is not stopping any time soon? I just kind of get frustrated.. I understand schools have to close because of this drastic weather.. but your job is to teach and get full classes in.. no matter what that takes.. any other work place would have to "make up" time.. why don't teachers feel the need to do so?

Maybe this also comes from a place that.. my husband is half OUTSIDE all day in this weather.. and he has to work, unless we are on a Level 3 snow emergency.. which in the city, basically never happens. I get that he isn't a child.. I do.. but he is a person who still gets COLD and he has to go to work.. I always praise teachers and will continue to do so.. but I sometimes I wish teachers would praise those that don't get automatic days off like they often do...

Okay.. end semi rant - note I love teachers, just frustrated!

    I know some teachers are spoiled... I know I was when I taught at the high school level. Now at the college level... not so much! LOL! But then again i do get to work from home so that is a plus and a luxury!

    Sorry your hubby has to be in the cold!
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        Alyssa Martinez
        I dont feel like teachers are what they used to be. Your right they get the entire summer off and I always feel like we are having a day off. With all of the new learnings and testings I think the kids need to be in school longer! I know they dont agree but they are piled with homework every night after a 9 hour school day. The teachers say they just dont have enough time in class to teach everything. Well...if they extended the year out or got rid of some of these silly Holidays they would get things done.
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