Babies Behind Bars

Have you ever watched this show?! it's intense! It's about pregnant women in prison. Apparently they have a baby dorm that some women can get into so they can breastfeed and bond with their babies in the early months. A lot of women don't qualify and they desperately try to find places for their babies to live once they are born. One women is having her 8th child (3rd while incarcerated) and can't find anyone to take her unborn baby girl. She wantsl her boyfriend's daughter to see if she would take care of her but she's not sure if the baby will be white or black. Apparently the boyfriends daughter won't take her if the baby is white...

I can't imagine living that kind of life. Constantly worrying about where your baby will live, knowing that you won't be able to see her grow.... ugh. that's so sad...

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