School Valentine's Parties

I don't have a school aged child yet but I was just thinking about when I was a kid in school we had a class Valentine's Day Party, I always had such fun picking out the Valentine's I would give out, along with some kind of candy or treat to give with it. Everyone got a shoe box and it was a huge deal to decorate your shoe box and have the most creative shoebox for the Valentine's to get dropped in. Then when we got to school that day we'd drop our valentines in our classmates boxes and have our party with juice and treats and look at the valentine's it was always such a fun day.

I know many schools these days don't allow you to bring in candy or cupcakes or other sweet treats, which is such a bummer. What will your kids get to do at school for valentien's day? What will you do at home to celebrate?

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    Our school allows candy, but We have been in schools where they don't.. i LOVE me some candy, but at the school they come home with BAGS of it and it's just too much...

    BUT, aside from that, I too love Valentines day... it seems so sweet and innocent and I have a 1st grader and a 4th grader and I'm so glad that the valentines are given to everyone... when I was younger, I remember addressing them to specific people and someone getting more than I did...

    So they finally got that down and you're not allowed to write something more on it other than your name and theirs.. which can be a little strict but safer than sorry.. Kids can be mean..

    At home, we have heart lights up... couple cut out hearts and I will give them something special on the day... small though.. under $10 and maybe their favorite candy or go out to Frozen yogurt or have a fun dinner or order pizza.. Just to make it feel cute...

    My son who is 9 started to roll his eyes last year with all the LOVE stuff... lol.. but I reminded him it doesn't have to be about romantic love and gooey love... it's truly about love for all your loved ones...

    Thank you for reminding me to get cards for my family and friends too!!!!
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