Kids Caught Cheating...

A story out here about some HS students caught cheating in their major school testing.. They may be kicked out of the school, but I feel like maybe they need to make this decision about the individual.

Yes. Cheating is wrong. BUT, I remember cheating in HS... NOT on major tests or the SAT'S or anything. But I might have had I known a way to.

This was fear based for me. I was so scared that I would fail or not match up that I feared that cheating was the only way..

I Did NOT cheat every day.... I'm just trying to understand these kids... even knowing it's wrong, but what drives them to cheat? Pressures? Parents? Laziness?

Thoughts ladies? If your child of any age was caught cheating, would you find yourself immediately angry or search deeper?

    Well i certainly remember "cheating" or "copying" homework in high school, I didn't do it all the time but I certainly won't deny that I've done it. And felt like it was pretty normal to see that happening in high school. So I don't know that I would be immediately angry. I'd think if it were some major test or something like that id be pretty mad. If it is on homework or things like that I think I would want to explore why they feel they need to cheat to find out if they are cheating out of laziness or because they don't understand the material in which case maybe they just need more help in the class.
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