Another baby. . .Am I crazy?

so it has hit me that in 6 months my little baby boy will be 2! :( I look back at all his baby pics and my pregnancy pictures and I miss that feeling of having a little bitty baby around. my baby is growing up and no longer is a baby :( me him and his dad are bout to get our own place as a family. our very own place and im getting everything together and planned out and grow excited to finally move out on our own and be a family but then I see my friends having their newborns and I want another baby. am I crazy for wanting another baby when my son is not even two yet? Just the feeling of taking his crib down and getting rid of his bedding and changing everything around since hes grown a lot. Its hit me hard that he's not a little baby. He
s my lil man who is now walking everywhere and talking and of course being a brat. Idk how he will handle another baby though is what im scared of. His dad and I both want another baby but Ive been holding off for the longest time.

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    My kids are almost to the day 2 1/2 years apart.. I'm so glad that they're that close in age but far enough that they both got to be the baby...

    I remember thinking if I were to have another, I wanted to do it pretty close as I KNEW once that fog had lifted of no sleep and I was no longer doing diapers and bottles and things that I may never go back..

    Having a 2 year old and a new baby was "easy"... Meaning it was perfect to strap her to my front and chase him around.. It was a perfect time between for us...

    GO FOR IT!!
      see my parents did the same, all of us are 3 yrs apart so if u do the math they had to of gotten pregnant around the time we were each two. and we both want another baby and I want carter to have somebody to play with all the time. but I know if we have another baby there will be a lot of upset people in both of our families but why should it matter to them bc we will be living on our own, I work and pay for EVERYTHING and I go to school and we are making it just fine. I wanted to wait til he was 4 to even try again but now that I think of it I want one now so they can be close in age and go to school together bc me and my brother went to school together every year and we were best friends when it came to high school, he always had my back and I had his, if somebody was bullying one of us the other would come and step in. and I want carter to have that. If me and my brother didn't go to school together all these years then idk how my whole schooling thing would've worked out. so im thinking when we officially get our place in couple weeks im going to apply for health insurance so I can go see my doctor to have my birth control taken out (plus its causing so many problems anyways) and then I prob wont get put back on a diff birth control. I don't think im ready for any hateful comments thought bc I went through a lot when I was pregnant with carter, but then again I was only 18 going on 19 when I was pregnant. this time ill be 20 going on 21 or 21 going on 22 (whenever I am able to get this b.c. out)
        definitly not crazy, thats how i ended up with 4! Between the ages of 2-3 i started to miss it.
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