what are some of yalls takes on them?
I myself am vaccinating my son,
my sister is choosing not to vaccinate her son.
(remember to each their own, no rude comments please)

    all my children are fully vaccinated! Schools and daycares in NY require it, along with dental cleanings.
      I'm all about the vaccinations.. I always think better safe than sorry .. there is some terrible illnesses out there and I'll do whatever I need to do to protect them...

      Are their cons? Probably.. I'm sure if I read all about them cons side then I would rethink some things, but I have to say that your'e not only protecting your child but other peoples kids as well...

      I don't buy into the vaccine equals autism, etc... And so far so good.. no child had grown a third arm..

      I totally don't judge anyone at all, but I WILL say that if I knew my child was sitting next to someone that was not vaccinated or could potentially carry or have something that could spread, I would not be pleased.. Plus I'd worry so much if my child wasn't vaccinated.. You just don't know what's out there ..

      And yes, .. in our schools the child cannot attend unless theres proof of all vaccines and they are up to date.. each year,,
        we asked to get only 2 at a time so it wasn't hard on our daughter and to make sure she didn't have a reaction to them! Talk to your doctor about it too.
          I've gotten Avery all of her vaccinations. I follow the "your kid, your rules" policy so I don't care if others don't vaccinate. My daughter is protected from any illnesses they might get from not being vaccinated so it doesn't hurt us at all.

          The journal that orgininally published the study showing a link between vaccinations and autism has recently retracted their findings. I guess they've found a ton of evidence that disproves it. I think the main reasons for not vaccinating now is the possiblity of reactions and some studies that show they may not be as effective at preventing illness as people think. There's no history of reactions in my family and Avery has been fine so far so I'll keep vaccinating. If they're not super effective... well, I think it's better protection then nothing.
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