Pregnant and have Bronchitis

Hello everyone sorry I haven't been on lately been dealing with doctors appointments for the baby and Jocelyn and also myself. I just found out I have bronchitis and I'm 9 weeks pregnant. Its really hard on me because I'm so exhausted and I have no energy and it sucks, I'm trying to get better so I can go to school tomorrow. I need advice from all you mom's on what I should do.

    Well. If you're sick, you're sick.. I hope that you can rest today and take the best care of yourself as much as possible.. and whatever antibiotics that they give you and are okay to take at 9 weeks work fast..

    I wish I had better advice, unfortunately, you gotta just push through it and rest and take care of yourself as best as possible.. Don't push yourself too far.. better to miss one day of school rather then 3...

    Hang in there...
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