Who was in your delivery room?

Just curious. It was just me and my husband when Avery was born. I thought about inviting my Mom but decided against it. I'd never had a baby before and I wasn't sure what sort of state I'd be in throughout all the different phases of labor. I wanted to be free to be exactly however i was going to be without worrying about what the people in the room were thinking. I have a good relationship with my mom, but I knew I'd try to downplay my feelings around her - it's just how I am. With my husband I have no fear of being 100% myself, whether I was crying, screaming, or laughing. He put me there so he wasn't allowed to judge anyway :P

Who was in your delivery room and why?

    just my husband and I. I considered having my mom there but my husband really just wanted it to be us. I'm glad we chose to do it that way. It was a wonderful moment for us to become our own family. And enjoy those first min just together. As soon as the nurses were done cleaning up the baby I got the chance to feed her and myself then our family who was in the waiting room got to see her.
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        Just hubby and I. His brother's wife tried to budge her way in with my middle two and even tried to convince me to let her preteen daughter in, but we told the hospital not to let her past the security desk..... She doesn't like me now.
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