Who was in your delivery room?

Just curious. It was just me and my husband when Avery was born. I thought about inviting my Mom but decided against it. I'd never had a baby before and I wasn't sure what sort of state I'd be in throughout all the different phases of labor. I wanted to be free to be exactly however i was going to be without worrying about what the people in the room were thinking. I have a good relationship with my mom, but I knew I'd try to downplay my feelings around her - it's just how I am. With my husband I have no fear of being 100% myself, whether I was crying, screaming, or laughing. He put me there so he wasn't allowed to judge anyway :P

Who was in your delivery room and why?

    just my husband and I. I considered having my mom there but my husband really just wanted it to be us. I'm glad we chose to do it that way. It was a wonderful moment for us to become our own family. And enjoy those first min just together. As soon as the nurses were done cleaning up the baby I got the chance to feed her and myself then our family who was in the waiting room got to see her.
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