Worst feeling

I love my baby father but we might be on the verdge of breaking up. after being in each others life for 5 years it might all come to an end. i just hope that if we do split tha ur son knows we stil love each other but not everything works out. i waant to keep it but i feel as if its not worth it. i dont know what else to do.

    sit down with him and tell him how your feeling. i thinking talking is the best thing to do...wishing you the best.......
      Linda, its okay
      Brande, thank you
      Anissa, i want to but it wil cause us to arue and just make it worst. but i might try it. thank you
      Stefany, its okay and thank you i do hope for the best as well.
          Kim , its okay thank you
          Mara its okay
          Tessa thanks
          Sheila, yeah sometimes it dont but i was really hoping it would. we have gone threw a lot and been there and now its just going to be gone. our son will know we both love him and if we do end up breaking up i think we could co parent. yes i have thought about it but i dont think he is willing to do it with me..
            He would
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