Newborn Hiccups...

My son is only a few weeks old, and constantly gets the hiccups. They will go on for quite a while. Is there any advice on how to maybe help him get rid of them instead of making him suffer.

    8Theresa Gould
    Other than maybe giving him some formula or breast milk, like we would get a drink of water to get rid of ours. I never really thought of hiccups as suffering so I never really did anything to get rid of them. I always thought it was cute.

    Is he bottle feeding or breastfeeding? The only reason I ask is if he is bottle feeding maybe he's getting too much air or something to cause the hiccups? That's a shot in the dark though since I only bottle fed a few times and not on a regular basis.
    I agree with you. Yes from bottle feeding babies mostly get too much air from it.
      Newly born babies are having constant hiccups. This is true. For my 1st baby when the nurse handed to me the baby for breastfeeding about a week old, she had non-stop hiccups for about 3 minutes and I began to worry. The nurse placed a few drops of water into her mouth and she told me that after breastfeeding let her burp in upright position against your breast and at the same time massaging her back slowly & easy until the hiccups would stop. It worked, so I did the same thing to my other two kids.
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