na-na-a-boo-boo you cant catch me

"nanaabooboo". That was the phrase that rang through my two bedroom apartment this morning, as I played monsters with my kids. Even hubby joined in for a bit. We chased each other and ran through my now clean and organized house (thanks to my mom and 15 boxes of junk that was donated). I have not laughed that hard in a long time. It was two hours where I was not thinking about our trials and troubles. Jasmine thought it was awesome. Makenzie couldn't make a decision without Jasmine. Poor Grahm kept getting knocked over trying to help with the chase. By the time he would start following the gir?s, they would turn around and run him over. It was even better than having homemade popcorn for breakfast (which was yesterday) or french toast with chocolate syrup and regular maple syrup (our breakfast this morning). Life is too short. Laugh with your kids, throw the rules out the window once in a while. Enjoy them.

Amanda HurleyFlat Rock, Michigan
    8Theresa Gould
    So glad you got a reprieve and enjoyed your morning. Such a good reminder for all of us. Thank you and hugs.
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