vulvar varicosities... how to deal. I am sore all the time.

It seems like I am the only one I know that gets Vulvar Varicosities. Anyone else brace enough to come forth and tell me how you are dealing?

    well, you would know if you had it. I was so scared when I first got it with my last pregnancy because I had never heard of it and my first pregnancy seemed more "normal". I went in to the doc and they were ready to do some really thorough inspection because all I knew is that I looked deformed down there. They pretty much laughed it off. They said it was normal. Sometimes when I work a long day or I am on my feet I limp a lot. Not just a pregnancy waddle. And its funny because I get very painful after sex and my husband thinks its him. He tells me he didn't mean to hurt me. It hurts from just about anything.
      Stephanie ~ i have never heard of this... you poor thing! i hope that you get some relief soon!
        Thanks for the link it helps to understand!
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