babies and blankets

I was asking myself : "What age is it safe to let my son to sleep with a blanket?" (when he was a little baby). Because of the cold climate in Minnesota, it's necessary to keep a little one warm. However, I wasn't comfortable letting him sleep with a heavy blanket, so I put an extra layer on them, like sweatshirt, socks, and sweatpants.

Our pediatrician always read a lecture about SIDS-sudden infant death syndrome for us, so we were afraid to put any blankets in hid crib. A good alternative to a regular blanket could be using a wearable blanket, which is typically zip up and keep the baby warm without posing a risk of suffocation.

Moms Expertise
    Amanda Hurley
    My kids were always swaddlers, except my oldest whom I coslept with. I never had to worry about them being too cold.
      8Theresa Gould
      I loved the sleepers with no feet, they were just sacks. I had five of my children born in Feb., March and April and they lived in those during their newborn days.

      I always cover baby up in our comforter when we co-sleep but I was always in the same sleep cycle so if baby stirred, I was awake and checking.
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