Sexy in Spit-Up

Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror at the end of the day (although I try to avoid mirrors at all costs) and think "who would ever want this?!" I happened to glance in the mirror mid-afternoon only to find half of my hair pulled out of my half-ass bun that I had thrown together as fast as I could this morning, dog-hair all over my pants, and my shirt covered in spit-up. I told my husband that I felt like a spittoon and wondered to myself if I will EVER feel pretty let alone sexy again?? The great husband that he is sent me a text message that read "Is it wrong that even though you are stressed out and covered in puke when I get home, I find you extremely sexy?" So moms, even baby puke can be sexy. Haha.

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I am a mother of two beautiful boys who are 6 yrs and 6 months old. I love them every day but feel like I am going crazy more often than not!