HOT'lanta.. HOT'mess!

Whoa.. do any of you live in Atlanta?

What a mess I am watching on TV this am! It's so so sad! I feel awful they were not more prepared or choose to close schools and work before they released everyone at the SAME time.. what a complete disaster!

My parents live in South Carolina, about 2 hours from Atlanta.. they got about 2-3 inches of snow as well, but all seems okay there.. they closed schools beforehand or sent the kiddos home plenty early..

Praying for you all if you were caught in that mess!

Now you know how lovely snow ISN'T for us here in the MidWest!

    I live in Los Angeles and when it RAINS hard this place goes crazy. We are never ready or equipped or used to it. Our freeways often look like that at busy times but with heavy rain people freak out and our roads are ill prepared.
    If you live in an area where it's not common.. Extreme weather of any kind. We have no way to gauge how bad it is.
    My friends from the East coast hate the snow now and after living here they swear they'll never move back to it. Ever.
    And me, having grown up In California has this idea of it being fluffy and lovely and fun.
    I'm learning fast that its not.
    haha Exactly.. it's not just "pretty white stuff".. there is a total method to dealing with the madness.. I've always wondered if no matter where you live, they should make kiddos learn about driving in different sorts of weather.. granted, they might not remember 20+ years later.. but it could be a start?

    I would kill for just 2 inches of snow to drive to the studio in haha! Anything but -18 temperatures... eeek!
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