Monday, January 27, 2014

This past Monday was anything but typical.. My 15 yr old woke me up and handed me his phone, his father was on the phone. As my ex was talking to me, Matthew was having mini seizures. He would have one that lasted approx 4 seconds and then have another one approx 6 to 7 seconds later. I finally got him back to bed. I went to change and heard "snoring", I rushed back in with Matthew and he was laying on his left side, foaming at the mouth, his thumb was in between his index and middle finger. I was shaking his leg and yelling his name to wake him but he was unresponsive. I also noticed that he was turning a slight blue, which really threw me into overdrive. I rushed to get dressed and called 911. I then woke my daughter up out of a dead sleep (she too has seizures). Matthew was rushed to the ER and they ran test and everything come back ok. Now we are waiting for his EEG and Neurologist appt. As a mom it is my job to protect my child and get them from hurting. To see your baby go thru that, u feel helpless. I wanted to break down and cry but I cant. The sad part is he has been having mini seizures for a while now. I pray that they can figure out what triggers them.

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    that is so scary and I'm so sorry. We have friends whose son has unexplained random seizures from 5 seconds to 2 minutes. He knows when they're coming.. We can sort of tell too... There's just a mild change in his behavior and he says he feels "staticky"..
    They say a 1 minute seizure is the equivalent of running a marathon in your body. He will fall asleep almost right away after one.
    I hope you can find the reason and get some meds that control it. It's so scary and you're so brave for him and I also understand your need to melt down behind a closed door after you were brave and strong.
      Thank you. We will know more after the EEG is performed and he see the Neurologist. Prior to this he would fall and he couldn't hold things.. I will keep everyone updated..
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