We have recently decided to move back to my hometown. I am excited about it, like most people who grew up in small towns in high school I couldn't wait to get out, thought it was soo boring and hated that everyone knew everyone. My how things change once you become an adult. I went away to college, in a small similar town to my own and really started to miss my town alot. After that I moved to Columbus and spent a year there and then onto the suburbs of Chicago. I am thankful that I got to experience different places of varying sizes.

But in the end my hometown was a great place to grow up, i got a good education at a smaller school, where I knew pretty much everyone I graduated with. The town was safe and beautiful and well taken care of. It had small town values, I grew up on a farm in the rural part of town. Though the town has definitely gone through it's changes in the end it is still the town I always knew. I am excited at the thought of my daughter and future kids growing up in a great place....yes ill go back and see so many of the people I went to high school with, which isn't all bad, and yes there are plenty of people who never leave but to each there own and i'm excited.

Do you live where you grew up? Are you glad you do or do you wish you lived somewhere else? Did you move away from where you grew up? would you ever go back?

    I left my hometown for college and never went back until after my divorce.. I thought I should live near my family but I just hated it.
    I grew up in N California and its beautiful but I moved to LA and prefer it. More culture, more things to do, more history, more races, better weather :)

    I tried it though. And I will never move back. Maybe to SF one day but no intention. Not a bitter no way but the people there.. There's old money and a feeling of entitlement I don't want my kids to experience or have.

    I wish I loved it though. I think it's great your move. :)
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        8Theresa Gould
        I left my hometown when I went away to college, came back for breaks. Then lived-in and worked for a quadriplegic for a year, but went home most weekends as both my employer and I were from the same town. Then the next year I went away to another college in Florida where I met my husband. We had a long distance relationship for nearly two years - I was in my hometown and he was in Chicago - before we got married in my hometown and moved back here. I missed my hometown and knowing everyone. We moved to a more rural area almost three years ago and it reminds me of my hometown though it has 20 times more the people as my hometown. We really like it here. If there wasn't so much red tape to move between Canada and the USA, we might move back. We haven't talked about it in a long time. My husband has always had his job here. But now we have animals etc. It'd be a huge move. I miss my family but not the drama that can occur.
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