Are my kids REALLY sick or faking?

I know my kids well. I know when they don't feel well and I know when they're just tired ...
They don't complain much so when they do, I take notice but not too much. Lol

This morning my son announces he doesn't feel great. Now I know he's not sick cause he doesn't complain if he is...but I took his temp.. And thought he just needed a morning to go.. Later.

So I told my kids they could go to school at 10 today. I think it's okay to do that every now and then. If I pushed him he would have been miserable. And I would have felt guilty all day.

As soon as I have him that all clear, he livened up and relaxed.

I have those days a lot!!! Where I just need a slower morning. Why should kids be any different? So glad I'm home in the morning today so that I can be here.

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