IPAD Parental Controls EPIC FAIL - it's funny... NOW...

When this happened, I was irritated, but quickly laughed about it all.. and then became annoyed again..

I have parental locks on ALL devices... Pretty good ones... So, I thought... I also have told my kids that if they search for a video and see anyone other than a child or kids stuff to come to me immediately...

My daughter loves to watch craft videos.. and we were looking for new ones.. and we put in the search "Little girl crafts"... I KID YOU NOT.. adult videos came up.. pics of women in "little girl outfits"... My daughter didn't really see it right away but I was thrown.. WITH parental controls this came up...

NEXT thing was my son was searching for Minecraft but it SPELL CHECKED it to MineSHAFT... and you can imagine what came up.. Yup.. a giant naked Penis!!!!

BOTH he and I were like, "Whoah!" and then we both started laughing.. and I know it's SO NOT FUNNY.. But it was.. and my son was so confused.. He asks "WHY would someone put a picture of their privates online?"

I explained to him that people are weird and creepy and sick and need attention and can't be trusted and used the chance to remind him of his protection and rules and strangers, etc...

I re did controls even though I had them ON, and even though we all found humor in it, I was mad.. How glad am I that I was sitting right there?
Just reminded me to never let them have too much time searching on their own and reminded them that they will KNOW when they see something that isn't "right" and to come to me and I will never be mad... but if I find out they saw something without telling me, they lose their privileges.

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