Alright so my husband and I are trying for another baby and I have not been on birth control since October. I have received a period every month, except it hasn't started this month yet. However, I have been much more emotional since then (as a note: I rarely got emotional before my son)... is this just new motherhood or is it a sign that my period might be coming and now after my son I am more hormonal (i've always been irregular)?

4Pam OttoFairmont, West Virginia
    I don't know, but I DO know.. is that when I was pregnant, each time.. I felt like Ugh.. My period is coming ANY Second.. because I felt like it was .. to an extreme.. achey, emotional, cramps and just felt.. blech... Like my uterus needed to empty or be warmed with a heating pad...

    SOOOO... let us know!!!
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        4Pam Otto
        Thanks ladies!!! If I don't get any monthly surprises by friday I will be sure to take a test and I will let you know!!
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