No picky eaters here

Now that my son is eating finger foods we've been trying to feed him the same things we eat. In the hopes that exposing him to it now will make introducing new and different foods easier as he grows up. But I also intend to reintroduce the dinner rules I was raised with:
1) Mom only makes one dinner
2) You have to try everything on the table, even if you have had it before
3) If you say yuck, or something similar, you will get a second helping

What kinds of rules do you have to help you kids eat better?

    I will only make one dinner too, eventually they will eat! My rule about foods they don't like is that they have to try it on at least 3 separate occasions before they can say they don't like it. When I babysat my cousins I always did it and by the third time around they didn't even notice it was on their plates most of the time! Sometimes it's just the newness that makes them not like it, but if they make up their minds that it's icky it's a nightmare trying to get them to try it again!

    I also will have the rule that you have to be polite about the food you're given - even if it's not your favorite. Somebody worked hard to give you that food and you should respect that, especially at other people's houses. Give it a try and if you don't like it quietly eat around it. Don't fuss or say it's gross!
      I also only make one dinner and if you don't eat it you don't get anything else. My kids aren't picky at all and usually eat whatever I cook. My nephew on the other hand is very picky and refuses to eat any type of veggi. So I came up with this new trick for him to take a bite of whatever he doesn't like then take a bite of whatever he does like to cover the taste. Sometimes it works and other times he acts like hes going to vomit everywhere. KIDS LOL
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