toe walking

If you child has no other autism symptoms then it is probably just normal for you child. But it is a sign of autism and if you are seeing any delays you may want to get your child evaluated by a developmental pediatrician or a neurologist. ​

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My son has autism so in general it is a stim for them. We have used biomedical interventions to help heal his autism and therefore remove his stims. Other than that I would consider seeking help from a PT or OT to see if there are exercises that can help specifically.
my son is 8 now (almost 9) . We have done extensive biomedical interventions and he is doing remarkably well. Actually I don't believe he fits the DSM IV diagnosis of autism any more, but instead he looks more ADD/ADHD according to the DSM IV (the official criteria to diagnose autism and ADD/ADHD among other "mental" health problems). He is in a regular class with some supports, mostly because he still has focus issues (ADD type stuff), but in general he is looking pretty typical.
We have done diet and supplements, treating infections and parasites and he is doing amazingly well.
thanks Meg. Yes, there are tons of things that can be indicators of autism, BUT just because a child walks on toes doesn't mean autism, just can be a marker especially when other symptoms are involved too.
    My son was doing this amongst having other delays. He was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder and was treated with occupational therapy. At first they believed it was autism but with early intervention he was diagnosed with SPD. He still has sensory issues but now we know how to deal with them.
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