Homeschooling reading and phonics curriculum

I researched many different reading and phonics curriculum many years ago. I settled on "100 Easy Lessons" because it is scripted. It told me what to say, showed me how to pronounce the sounds and as a new homeschooling mom, it was important to me to know what I needed to do. I have successfully taught six children to read with this book and we are now using it with our seventh child. Later on this year or next we will use it with our eighth child as well.

They really do learn to read in 100 days. With a couple of ours we took breaks so it took them longer. I based the break on whether or not they were remembering and "getting" the sounds and activities. With one or two, life interrupted us for a time and we just got back into it once the life event was over.

The key is to watch and listen to your child. That's not to say you give up if they are grumping. That's only an excuse! Our current son has purposely said the wrong things because it was too easy for him at the beginning and he was being goofy. Others will need reminders on the sounds and how to put them together. Just watch for those nuances in each child.

Once they finish this book, I put them into primers and then they went right into first grade readers and so on. I was always amazed at the results.

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