What can I do to ease back labor?

I was thinking a back rub. I thought water births were good for back labor too. I didn't experience too much back labor to be honest.

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    Amber Bradley
    I didn't experience much at all! I had a water birth both times as well. More for #1, then for #2. Walking helped me, the cause for back labor is babys position so walking and letting the baby move helps a TON!
      Pressure points, my bf pushed on my back during contractions, and lots of deep breathing helps!
        Danielle Keltner
        When I was in labor with my son, Jake, I ended up getting an epidural about two hours before he was delivered because I couldn't find any relief with back labor. I think being able to move around a little would help or keep feet elevated (if possible).
          Oh boy, I had it all.. Back pain , front pain.. You name it! I walked. Literally, I didn't want to STOP WALKING! haha The nurse was trying to get me to go to the delivery room and start pushing .. and all I kept doing was pacing in the hallway! I swear I wanted to just walk it off and squat her out! *giggles*

          Just breathing and trying to focus on something else helps. I didn't get meds until it was way too late because they didn't think I was in labor. Believe that?! They said I was "too calm". Bastards! I was just good with pain is all. They put me on the contraction machine and you see the nurses face like OMG you are in labor. Really!? ...

          So yeah, I pushed without meds and the pain meds kicked in after she was born. So I was able to shower & walk around right after. That was the only good thing about the meds kicking in too late. Next time I won't get meds.
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