What can I do to ease back labor?

I was thinking a back rub. I thought water births were good for back labor too. I didn't experience too much back labor to be honest.

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
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    Amber Bradley
    I didn't experience much at all! I had a water birth both times as well. More for #1, then for #2. Walking helped me, the cause for back labor is babys position so walking and letting the baby move helps a TON!
      Pressure points, my bf pushed on my back during contractions, and lots of deep breathing helps!
        Danielle Keltner
        When I was in labor with my son, Jake, I ended up getting an epidural about two hours before he was delivered because I couldn't find any relief with back labor. I think being able to move around a little would help or keep feet elevated (if possible).
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          5Natasha Raisor
          "Back labor refers to the intense lower back pain that many women feel during contractions when they're giving birth. Some women even feel it between contractions.

          This pain is usually attributed to the pressure of your baby's head against your lower back, but other factors may be at work, too. One unproven but interesting theory is that the pain is "referred" to your lower back from your uterus.

          That idea is supported by the fact that some women complain of low back pain when they have menstrual cramps – which clearly can't be blamed on a baby! One study found that women who had back pain during their periods were more likely to have back pain during labor."

          Stole this from my favorite baby website, babycenter.com.
            5Natasha Raisor
            Sitting in a tub is really great for back labor! Also, a tennis ball wrapped in a sock can be used to massage your lower back and it works wonders! One of my absolute favorites!!
              Oh boy, I had it all.. Back pain , front pain.. You name it! I walked. Literally, I didn't want to STOP WALKING! haha The nurse was trying to get me to go to the delivery room and start pushing .. and all I kept doing was pacing in the hallway! I swear I wanted to just walk it off and squat her out! *giggles*

              Just breathing and trying to focus on something else helps. I didn't get meds until it was way too late because they didn't think I was in labor. Believe that?! They said I was "too calm". Bastards! I was just good with pain is all. They put me on the contraction machine and you see the nurses face like OMG you are in labor. Really!? ...

              So yeah, I pushed without meds and the pain meds kicked in after she was born. So I was able to shower & walk around right after. That was the only good thing about the meds kicking in too late. Next time I won't get meds.
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