3 Things about my labor!!

1. How amazing my epidural was!!! Didn't even feel the doctor cutting or stitching me back up.

2. The vacuum that "sucked" my baby out

3. The placenta....it just looked like a huge blood clot!

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    8Theresa Gould
    Oh I should have mentioned how painful my epidural was! I never had one again. It's amazing how one procedure can vary among women! :)

    I've never experienced a vacuum.

    Yeah, the placenta was a strange object. I never saw mine until my last pregnancy. I though I should at least look at one....finally...in case I never had another child.
    Oh man, I can't even imagine that!!! I would be in agony! My pain tolerance is none existent, I cry when I stub my pinky toe, lol. That's great though that you didn't have terrible contractions before 10 cm! =) I'm going to think about going all natural with the next baby....until I feel that first cramp. I really thought I wanted to go natural the first time, but then when I was being induced I had actual cramps (which I had never had with any period in my life, so I didn't really know what it was, until I described it to the nurse and she was like, "oh that's nothing sweetie, you're cervix isn't even thinning out yet"). But again, Kudos to you because I wish I could've gone natural =)
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