Feeling Stuck

The worst thing in the world is feeling stuck in an unwanted situation, and that is exactly how I'm feeling. I want to move away and start fresh, just me and my kids, but financially, I'm tethered to Jersey. Renting the 2nd floor of my sister's house has its convenience but, sometimes, I feel the price I'm paying for it is too steep. I just feel alone while surrounded by people and I'm tired. I don't mind things being about my kids all of the time, but the rest of my family is taking up more of my time than my children and nothing is ever about me. I feel repressed and holding everything in has become a necessity since letting it out would not be pretty. I guess I just needed to vent and this is the only way besides crying.

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    Thanks, Sheila, I feel like I have nowhere to vent,and now my sister wants to join, and part of me is like, "Yeah, it's a great place for moms" but the other part is like "No, if she joins then I will have to censor myself and I will truly have nowhere". It's tough because I feel like my emotions have to be kept secret from everyone around me. It's frustrating.
      Jessica ~ Hope your day is going better! Just keep swimming!
        Jessica ... how are you doing?
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