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Many know that I have 15 siblings (6 brothers, 9 sisters)(ages ranging from 35-3!). I wasn't very close with my siblings. I live 1000 miles from most of my family besides one of my brothers. I just thought I would share that after my sister had her son today Bryn and Ben now officially have 29 Cousins!!(including 3 sets of twins) Holy cow, that is a lot of babies coming in a 10 year period! Thanks for reading about this boring life of mine, but I couldn't help but share! And congrats to my sister Kimberly and her husband on her beautiful son Greyson! Glad Avery and Emerson have another playmate!

Amber BradleyRedding, California
    Wow! That is great! I am one of 58 grandchildren on my mothers side so I know about large families (my mom is one of 14).
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