Don't ignore your pregnancy!!and don't let stress be the cause of an miscarriage

I've had 2 miscarriages the fist time I was 18years old and 3 years later I miscarried again!! The doctors had told me it was just a miscarriage Threat , and that my body was too weak to support a baby inside!!

    I am sorry for your losses. I cannot imagine having a miscarriage...I have been very fortunate.
      I had 2 miscarriages in 4 months. Both times I was told it was just a fluke and that there wasn't anything I could do. They wanted me to wait until I had at least 1 normal period, but preferably 2, before trying again. I didn't want to try until I had some answers. We got pregnant super easily but lost the baby about the same time both times. It was TERRIBLE, I can't even really describe the pain I was in.

      I pushed the doctors to run tests on me. They fought back but I insisted. I couldn't just let it go. They tested my thyroid, my heart, my antibodies, everything. Finally they told me to chart my BBT to check for hormonal imbalances. Sure enough, I had an issue with progesterone which is necessary to sustain pregnancy in the first 10-12weeks. We tried again, got pregnant right away again, and they put me on progesterone suppositories. It was nerve racking being pregnant again, I'd literally pray not to see bleeding every time I went to the bathroom for the first 20 weeks! Everything turned out fine though and my daughter is healthy.

      My advice is to do your research and advocate for yourself if you think there is any possibility of an underlying issue. It's better to get the tests done just in case rather then trying over and over again just to go through the pain of loss. Also, do whatever you can to stay calm during those early weeks - don't let anyone make you feel silly about it.
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