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I'm just not sure what to think.....I'm still processing it. All I can think of is the DOVE self-esteem program I've been promoting the last few weeks.


8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    I has posted something about my 6 year old daughter at her well check and the Doctor told me according to the BMI that she was considered "Obese"..

    I think two things.. ONE.. The BMI chart is there for a reason. I get it.. There IS A HUGE epidemic of childhood obesity.. just go to the market and heavy kids are everywhere.. and I mean HEAVY kids.. not chunky monkeys.. not thick kids, not big boned kids or 6 year olds that still have some baby weight or are just built that way...I'm talking Fat kids.. Belly roles hanging over.. shorts riding up in the thighs.. usually eating a candy..

    BMI is based on various populations and an "Average" at that age set... So, fine.. it's a good tool to use.. BUT.. like Mara said.. It's HAS GOT TO BE taken into consideration the child when used.. Does she look overweight? Diet? Health? History? Energy Level?

    The BMI was total FBS if you ask me.. .I for one.. am 5'8" and have always weighed in on the heavy side since I can remember.. I also played sports and was hugely active and was built that way.. But I remember sitting at the Doctors and my wieght being discussed and the Docotr saying, "She's not overweight she's just a big girl".. Guess what? I was 10 when I heard that.. Guess what? I STILL think of myself as a "big girl".. and it wasn't until I was pregnant when my OB laughed at my comment and said are you kidding? At 5'8 and 135.. I am considered normal.. But I STILL carry that around...

    They have to re word it.. they have to change the vernacular on it.. The words associated with the "larger" sizes have a negative attached to it now...

    And as I talk to more and more parents about my daughter, I hear from THEM that their kids too were overweight and as I look at them, I think are you KIDDING? Let's deal with the real kids that have the real problems..

    I get it.. it's scary health wise for kids.. But it's overkill now... freaking people out and giving kids self esteem issues and crating a whole slew of emotional issues..

    BMI tests should NEVER be done without the approval of a parent or until they're 18.. period.. And I still think that the Doctors with all the new technology today and tests that they could take a friggin' chart that's been around forever.. and at least update it to reflect our times and the sensitivity of the words used now a days...

    It's a chart to give an idea... to give some basics.. and when it's read "high" it's taken way to far out of context.. it's an evaluation tool.. there should be like a color code.. green for in "right" area... orange for "above average - check diet" and red for "take a closer look" NO LABELING!!!!!

    phew... okay.. off soapbox
      Amanda Hurley
      I had an issue with Jasmine and WIC. They told me that at two, she was obese. Yes, they used that word, and they said I was lying about her eating habits and her activity level. Jasmine was a very healthy eater, we never ate fast food at the time, and she practically lived on fruits and veggies. She never watched TV and was ALWAYS on the run. Literally. Her problem was that for some reason, she was not sprouting up, just out. I understand where schools are trying to weed out the epidemic, but lets be serious. A mother knows her child. She can deny what is going on, but she knows. The young lady in the photo does not look "obese", so the mother has nothing to worry about.
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      8Theresa Gould
      That's awful, Mara. I am sorry you were treated that way. People just assume and shouldn't.
      Amanda Hurley
      They can be ruthless. Unfortunately, we fall way below the poverty line, and I have been on WIC for 6 years. I have learned just to take what they say with a grain of salt.
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