Moms! Do YOU Dress up for Halloween?

I remember my neighbor when I was little and her parents and the family went dressed up all together.. My friend HATED it.. and we all thought it was so dorky and embarrassing.. The dad would be a cow and the mom a sheep and the kids.. you get it... Or they were a farmer family one year and the other a "garden" and they would all go trick or treating and we all loved them and were so embarrassed for our friend at the same time..

I remember thinking, "Why are the parents dressing up?"

NOW I KNOW!!! Whoo Hooo!

Granted. I know my kids would sooner DIE than dress up matching to me.. but Every year I've done something.. not a full costume.. but something silly and festive...and my kids last year started asking me to do REALLY get dressed up.. SO, I was a giant candy corn.. and the year before I was a vampire.. and a witch...My kids aren't embarrassed it yet.. and maybe they won't be if I keep it chill and not force them to be a family of somethings...

But NOW.. I think why not?? Have fun with it.. and last year at trick or treating, I was one of very FEW moms and dads dressed up at ALL!! I was so disappointed.. I get it.. sometimes you just want to get Halloween over with.. but I figure.. why should they get all the fun? and every year we take a great picture.. I feel the moms and dads that are NOT dressing up are missing out... or maybe I'm the

Ladies? Beat em or join em????​

    8Theresa Gould
    No, I don't dress up, but we don't do Halloween. However, my mom did a couple of years. She was Miss Piggy the year she was pregnant with my baby sister. I was 14 and I don't remember being embarrassed...I remember my mom being fun, so go with it Jessica! :)
      Amanda Hurley
      I do occasionally dress up. Last year, my son was really little, so I was baby and he was my Teddy Bear. This year, I have a pair of Eeyore footed jammies with ears on a hood that I will be wearing. I love getting festive. Call me a big dork, I don't care.
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