Getting stuff done with a baby

It took me a while but I've figured out how to be productive while raising a baby. Some days are harder then others and I have to be prepared to drop what I'm doing at any moment, but I can accomplish tasks even if the baby is awake.

My husband does not get it. He watches her while I teach class 3 times a week. I'll ask him to do the dishes or pick up while I'm gone, he always says he can't because he'll be watching her. I'm trying to help him understand that he can let her play alone or stand in her walker while he does stuff. He may have to take breaks in what he's doing if he needs her, but it can be done. He just doesn't like starting something unless he knows he can finish it in one sitting, which isn't always possible now that she's around. Even on weekends I'll try to divide up our chores/errands between us so we can finish and still have time to relax. He always says we can't split them up because one of us has to watch her. Again, I explain that she doesn't need to be held 24/7 and we can do chores as long as one of us is keeping and eye on her at the same time.

Is this a guy thing, or just my husband? It's like he can't comprehend multitasking...

    Kayla DeLeon
    it is an all men thing, I swear no man can multi task. My hubby is surprised what I all can do during a day lol
      I think its a guy thing but hopefully he grows out if it, mine did :)
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