Mommy Brain!

Anyone else suffering from pregnancy brain, baby brain or mommy brain? I sure am. This morning I tried to make coffee but I forgot to add water.

What silly mistakes have you made lately?

    Kayla DeLeon
    Oh all the time, I am bad with remember appts lol
      5Lena Courbron
      always, I am constantly having to remind myself what's am doing. With a toddler an infant and three teens, I am always going in a 10 different directions at once.
      Comment deleted
        Margaret hernandez
        one day when i was by my self in the car with out my boys. coming home from some ware.I stop at a stop sine what fro the light to change for 3min. think in my head what up with this light..Hell ow it a stop sine not a light...thank God no one seen that and no car be hind me. .
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