I am so tired today. Jaiden, my 21 month old has suddenly stopped sleeping through the night. She has always slept in her bed, all night, and self soothed if she woke up. Nothing has changed, except for the fact that for the last week or two she has woke up multiple times during the night. She screams until I come and get her. If I set up with her,she falls back asleep, but if I lay her down, she starts screaming again. I am so exhausted right now. I have not had this problem with any of my other kids. If anyone has any advice, or they would be greatly appreciated.

7Kimberly AcordGlen Fork, West Virginia
    Margaret hernandez
    Kimberly i am sorry you are getting now sleep. I now how it is to have sleepless night and they suck... i am not a big fan of giving drink at night. butt i would try warm milk, a teddy bear to hold or blank with you smell on it. sow they can fill you near them.could she be getting a new tooth maybe...good luck... hope you get some sleep soon.
    7Kimberly Acord
    It isn't really night terrors. It is more she wants to be with me. Her night time routine usually consists of dinner, her cuppy, a warm bath, then we snuggle to get her calmed down. My husband has always rocked her to sleep because he is gone during the day, but lately she is resisting that, and just wants me. She will go to sleep and sleep really well until about 12. Then she wakes up about every half hour to every couple of hours. She doesn't nap but once for an hour during the day. I started the giving her her blanket, and laying her down and petting her, then walking away, and she is going back to sleep, but then she wakes up again after a little bit. I have a night light in the room now, because I thought maybe she was waking up and somehow afraid of the dark suddenly. :(
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