Ok so I'm so confused about preschool and kindergarten. The cut off date is July 31. My oldest turns 5 on august 1 and my youngest turns 4 on July 19. Will they go to preschool or kindergarten? I think my oldest school go to kindergarten and my youngest in preschool. But I really wanted my oldest to go to preschool. I'm so confused lol. Any advice?

    Margaret hernandez
    my oldies son mist the start day and wad 5 going on 6 when he stared.butt he did one year of preschool and that help him out a lot....i would call the school and she what they have to tell you.
      Presencia Luciano
      It depends on what the school laws are in your area, but you should find out from you school district. It also depends on the cutoff date. My son was born on Jan. 1st of 2009 and could only start Kindergarten this year. So he will be one of the oldest in his class. For my daughter who is 14 now she was the youngest because her birthday is in Nov. The cut off is December 31 but if your child will turn 5 in this school year then he should be able to get in. You should have phone #s to find out.
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