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Ok, so heres another rumor. I don't know how wide spread or how it will affect everyone, but the school district we live in is talking about shutting down the free/reduced lunch program. I am really getting worried about all of this. I have also heard talks of Medicaid also being shut down within the next 6 months. If all of this goes through, then my family will be really hurting. My husband has a seasonal job, and the cold weather is kicking in. We rely on government assistance in the winter time as my husband has a hard time finding work. I noticed a few Christian's in this site, so I am asking for prayers, not just for my family, but for EVERYONE this is affecting. I keep seeing ads on TV for other countries, but I don't see anyone trying to keep the money here to help our children and families that are being affected by this government shutdown. This is getting absolutely ridiculous.

Amanda HurleyFlat Rock, Michigan
    8Theresa Gould
    I hope the rumors do not ring true, but can see why you are concerned. Some people are being kicked out of their homes for being on what is supposedly "federal" land....there was a headline on Yahoo. It's insane.

    I wonder if it will affect unemployment? If it is, then our family will be affected too.
      I do not know how they can do it! This is what I have found about health and programs"
      "Health: The National Institutes of Health will stop accepting new patients for clinical research and stop answering hotline calls about medical questions. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will stop its seasonal flu program and have a "significantly reduced capacity to respond to outbreak investigations."
      "Women, Infants, and Children: The Department of Agriculture will cut off support for the Women, Infants and Children program, which helps pregnant women and new moms buy healthy food and provides nutritional information and health care referrals. The program reaches some 9 million Americans. The USDA estimates most states have funds to continue their programs for "a week or so," but they'll "likely be unable to sustain operations for a longer period" — emergency funds may run out by the end of October."

      Ridiculous, we will pray for everyone who need help...
      Amanda Hurley
      Oh my goodness. I didn't even think about our home. We live in subsidized housing right now. Our rent is partially paid for by the government. This is getting really ugly really quickly. They really need to come to a resolution SOON.
      8Theresa Gould
      Amanda, I just asked my husband about unemployment and he said it's state no federal so perhaps that is the case with your housing?
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