Praying I don't...

Get sick!!!!! My husband has been sick with a bad cold the passed two days. I have given him the bedroom to sleep in because I would rather all his icky germs be contained in that area rather than the whole house! Plus I slept really great on the couch today which was AWESOME! I have been taking vitamins and drinking lots of water and hot tea. Any other advice you ladies have for me to stay away from this cold he has???!

    DISINFECT and wash your hands. Hope he feels better and you don't get it. Usually when one person in my house gets sick we all end up getting it :(.
      Presencia Luciano
      make sure that what ever he uses to eat and drink, that he reuses those items so that you don't have a sink full of dishes with a cold germs. Don't use the same towels to dry hands. I know he's your husband but w/ a cold we get careless sometimes and don't wash properly just so we can go relax again. LYSOL, LYSOL,LYSOL!! lol he should keep a can so that he can spray what he touches, like doorknobs and light switches.
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