2 months pregnancy tips

1. healthy eating: more green veggies, fresh fruits. I would avoid oranges and strawberries, they trigger allergies in children.
2. go outside more often for a walk if weather permitted
3. check your iron level, make sure you're not anemic
4. take prenatal vitamins and folic acid. You should take a daily 400 microgram (mcg) folic acid supplement from the time you stop using contraception until the 12th week of pregnancy.
5.It's not unusual to hear friends, family and books blame hormones for your mood swings. Your up-and-down emotions can be a result of hormonal changes. Just be yourself and stay positive
6.terrible morning sickness? it will go away...
7.make sure you're drinking plenty of water
8.have your first prenatal checkup, if you haven't already.

Moms Expertise
    8Theresa Gould
    Great tips. I have never heard of avoiding oranges and strawberries in pregnancy though. Interesting. From what I am hearing about allergies, it's good to have a least some nuts, dairy etc. in your diet so I wonder if they would include strawberries and oranges in their new findings?
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